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Geisha Portraits
40" x 50"
Kona Bay fabrics, 80/20 batting.

1st Place - 2007 Edmond Quilt Guild Show
2nd Place - 2007 State Fair of Oklahoma
3rd Place - 2008 OKC Winter Quilt Show


The owner of Fun To Sew, my local Pfaff dealer, handed me a bag with three cuts of Asian fabric and asked me to create a quilt to decorate their sales booth at the 2007 Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show.

Two of the three pieces were dark purple prints, so I had a little trouble figuring out a design. I found a yellow floral print which coordinated and added a much needed light color. I fiddled with several ideas until inspiration came from Kona Bay's fabric panel that has four Geisha portraits. I'd purchased this panel at the previous year's quilt show and it gave me a focal point for the design.

Problem: I knew quilting the portraits would be difficult. The lines are so delicate that I knew it would require careful stitching and pivoting - and I was not looking forward to quilting delicate lines while wrestling with a big quilt sandwich.

Solution: I recently purchased the Cotton Theory book and video, but hadn't made any projects with the technique. The idea of quilting small pieces then assembling the quilted units with decorative folds and stitches really appealed to me and made perfect sense for this project.

The technique allowed me to do very detailed quilting on the portraits, then assemble them with the sashing and border units.


- Don Lusk
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