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So Many Quilts Inside My Head
Raw edge appliqué, hand-dyed fabric, photo fabric, hot-fix crystals.


My biggest creative challenge lately has been trying to move my quilt projects beyond the planning stop thinking about them and start doing them.

When my quilt guild issued a challenge to create a self-portrait, I knew that I had to come up with something quickly, which led to the inspiration for my portrait ... SO MANY QUILTS INSIDE MY HEAD ... knowing that if I don't execute some of my quilt ideas, there will be so many unstarted ideas clattering around inside my head that one day, they'll just burst out in a fountain of colorful splendor.

I began with my profile printed on photo fabric, then cut random curved shapes from some fabrics that I've been hand-dyeing. I intertwining the squiggles until I was happy with the layout - then fused them into place. The final touch was hot-fix crystals to add some extra sparkle.






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