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A Boy's First Quilt

3rd Place - 2007 Edmond Quilt Guild Show
1st Place - 2004 State Fair of Oklahoma
2nd Place - 2005 OKC Winter Quilt Show

This literally was the first quilt I made. I've began sewing in 2000, but had never been interested in making a quilt until I saw this pattern by Nancy Barrett, a quilter and designer based in Oklahoma City.

I loved the pattern, so I signed up for Nancy's class and bought the pattern and started collecting a palette of fabrics.

Unfortunately, the class was cancelled, but I decided since I already had my supplies, I'd forge ahead and figure it out for myself.

Perhaps someone should have warned me that all those complex appliqué shapes might not be the best choice for a beginner! It took me about six months to do all the cutting, piecing, appliqué, and quilting, but I finally got it done and lived to make another quilt!








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